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46 CLASSES/ 9 NEW CLASSES the fun starts October 1!!!!

46 classes per week; 9 new classes scheduled; 3 Packages
(please download our FREE APP for a full schedule & class updates)
-Full Throb Package ($120/10 classes) Includes:
Samba; Kickboxing; Parkour; Funky Brasil; Afro-Brazil Toning; Afro-Brazilian Dance; AcroYoga (NEW); Acrobatics (NEW); Samba De Gafieira(NEW);
Drumming(NEW TIME); Interval Fitness(NEW)
-Gentle Throb Package ($100/10 classes):
-Capoeira Monthly Packages (for youth & adults):
Capoeira Batuque Classes: Youth, Adults, Music, Angola

NEW CLASS DESCRIPTIONS (please refer to the classes TAB for a Full Class Schedule):

Interval Fitness with Kafi

Interval Fitness with Kafi

IF (Interval Fitness) with Kafi Bella!
Mon @7:30pm; Tues @11:30am;

Wed @6pm; Thur @11:30am
$15/class or $120/10 classes
IF only I had more energy…IF I could loose the weight …
IF I just had the time…IF only I could get my figure back…
IF only I could just feel good again…IF I could just get motivated…
IF I had the confidence …IF Training by Kafi will super charge your fitness aspirations. From increasing your energy to toning your body IF will challenge you with exercises that range from resistance, dynamic-core and cardio training.

Acrobatics with Lateef Crowder

Acrobatics with Lateef Crowder


Acrobatics With Lateef Crowder
Saturday’s from 2:30-4pm (begins Oct 4th)
$15/class or $120/10 classes

Learn from the best! Lateef Crowder is teaching his techniques and tricks. Though there will be a focus on
Capoeira’s acrobatic moves,
this class is be open to anyone
who wants to learn how to do
all those amazing things you have always dreamed of!
Some of the Floreios:
Folha Seca, Parafuso, Relógio, Pião de Mão, Pião de Cabeça, Mariposa and more!!!!
AcroYoga with Sarah Vosen

AcroYoga with Sarah Vosen


AcroYoga with Sarah Vosen & ALL Certified AcroYoga LA Teachers!
Monday’s @6-7:30pm
$15/class or $120/10 classes
AcroYoga is a physical practice which blends elements of yoga, acrobatics performance and healing arts. AcroYoga provides physical and mental health benefits. In addition to the exercise and strength building aspects of AcroYoga the partner balancing can improve concentration and the massage elements can provide stress relief.

Drumming with Kahlil Cummings

Drumming with Kahlil Cummings


Drumming with Kahlil Cummings
Sunday’s from 12-1:30pm (begins Oct 5th)
$15/class or $120/10 classes

This class explores the different rhythms and percussive instruments associated with Afro-Brazilian/West African and Cuban music. This class is designed to give student’s an understanding of both the traditional and more recent beats. It is highly suggested that students, at some point, get their own instruments (once you know which one feels right) so you can practice throughout the week.
Samba DE Gafieira with Jonia

Samba DE Gafieira with Jonia


Samba de Gafieira with Jonia McClenney!

Wednesday’s @8:30-9:45pm
$15/class or $120/10 classes
Samba de Gafieira is a partner dance to the Brazilian samba musical rhythms. Samba de Gafieira is different from ballroom Samba, danced in International Latin and American Rhythm ballroom dance styles.Gafieira is usually a pair dance, although in artistic performances it is not uncommon to add solo variations, including steps of Samba no Pé (Samba on your Feet). It was a style that started earning recognition in the 1940’s.

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