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7th Annual Zumbi Festival – Uniting Forces – Capoeira Batuque

About this years event:
The greater Los Angeles area is blessed with great Capoeira teachers and this event is all about uniting the local Capoeira groups and exposing all Capoeira students to the great talent surrounding them in not only Capoeira but Dance, Music, Maculele, and History.
November 20 is celebrated in Brazil as a day of Afro-Brazilian consciousness. This day has a special meaning for those Brazilians of African descents who honor Zumbi as a hero, freedom fighter, and a symbol of freedom. Zumbi has become a hero of the 20th century Afro-Brazilian political movement and is a national hero in Brazil. Each year, we honor Zumbi with a capoeira and dance festival which include workshops, rodas, performances, and lot’s of Axé!!! This is a very special event for us and we are happy to share with you all.
check out all the confirmed guests and full schedule here: zumbi2013
to register click here: http://capoeirabatuque.org/events/
 Capoeira Batuque's 7th Annual Zumbi Festival

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