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BBCC Kiddos Open House 2017

Thank you to everyone who came out this weekend for the Kids Open House!

It was such a joy to have all of our kiddos and their families in the studio at one time, and to share our youth programs with many new faces, friends and families. Our young Capoeiristas started the afternoon with an opening capoeira performance, accompanied by the rhythms of a full batería made up of our adult students. We saw some exciting games, and of course a few beautiful solos our students had been working hard on leading up to the event. After the performance we went right into a Drumming class taught by Mestre Amen Santo, followed by Capoeira, Parkour by Lo and finally Shield Karate class to finish the afternoon.

It was really special to see Karate students playing the drums, Capoeiristas tumbling in parkour, and parkour students giving Shield Karate a try! Students, new and returning had a great opportunity to participate in these diverse art forms from across the world all in one afternoon of fun, learning, movement, and community. At events like the power of arts education to foster community and engage our youth is magnified, and we feel extremely grateful and proud that we can watch this happen on a daily basis.

And Congratulations to all of our raffle winners!

We can’t wait for this weekends ALL BBCC OPEN HOUSE ~ where everyone gets another opportunity to try all of our diverse classes…totally for free!


BBCC Kiddos Drumming


Drumming class led by Amen Santo



New Faces!

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