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Celebrating Carnaval at Venice Beach

On Saturday, Feb 14, we went down to the Venice beach to parade down the boardwalk and celebrate Carnaval. We met at Brasil Brasil Cultural Center to get Carnaval ready with some body paint and art.  Then we carpooled to Venice Beach.  It was a beautiful day and the streets and beach were busy.  The ambiance was great and excitement was in the air.  We united with Sergio Mielniczenko, Vida Vierra, Linda Yudin and many more to bring Brazil to the streets of LA!!!!

Carnival History:

The Carnival in Brazil is a major part of the Brazilian Culture, and it is sometimes referred to by the Brazilians as the “Greatest Show on Earth”. The first ever true carnival expression of this Brazilian festivity, officially recognized by Carnaval historians in Brazil, took place in Rio de Janeiro, with the “préstitos”, very similar to a musical processions, in 1641, when John IV of Portugal was crowned as a King and parties were celebrated in Rio public streets.

Salvador has large Carnival celebrations, including the Axé typical Bahia music. A truck with giant speakers and a platform, where musicians play songs of local genres such as Axé music, Samba-reggae and Arrocha, is driven with the following crowd both dancing and singing.

Thanks to all the Batuqueiros who came and represented at the Venice carnival celebration! It was nice to see so many of our communities unite!

Venice Carnaval Venice CarnavalVenice CarnavalVenice Carnaval






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