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Day 5 and the Energy keeps RISING….

Day 5 and so many amazing Capoeirista’s are trickling in…the Axé keeps rising! JOIN THE FUN!!!!
3-5pm – Capoeira Acrobatics @SM Beach-Ocean Park/Tower 26
5-6:30pm – Capoeira Roda @SM Beach-Ocean Park/Tower 26
6:30-8:30pm – Samba w/ Ana Laidley
8:30pm – Samba De Roda
9pm – OPEN RODA (all ages, groups & levels welcome)

SO far, the following guests have arrived:

Mestre’s:  Boa Gente, Val Boa Morte, Quebrinha, Marisa, Pinga Fogo, Jamaika

Contra Mestre Mintirinha, Instrutor Manhoso, Salamata Diallo


The Energy Keeps RISING

The Energy Keeps RISING


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