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What a Great Way to Start the New Year!

With only a bit over 1 month into 2014, we have so many great reasons to celebrate this new year and we are so happy to have such a great community to share it with.

We started the New Year a little apprehensive since we had to close one of the rooms at Brasil Brasil Cultural Center (BBCC) and had to slightly shift the schedule, but we quickly realized the blessings that arose from this change.  The energy has been flowing much better, it’s more concentrated and BBCC has been vibrating!

Aside from this big transition, we added 2 new programs: Burlesque/Strut Dance and  Brazilian Dance Fit Bootcamp. The responses to these classes have been amazing.  The Burlesque Strut Dance Class explores the sensual art of the tease and the empowering walk of a vixen…ladies only!  The Brazilian Dance Fit Bootcamp is a 6:30am challenge kicking off the first Monday thru Friday of every month with power workouts, empowering challenges, and lot’s of fun! This program is designed to help you burn fat, build muscles, and gain confidence, while simultaneously dancing to Brazilian Beats & Choreographies.

In addition, we just paid homage to our beautiful waters, oceans, nature and earth with the  Iemanja Festival which was a huge success. The day was full of great workshops in Drumming, Song and Dance taught by great Master Teachers. This blessed day culminated with a beautiful performance by amazing talents.

We were also very honored to receive KTLA Morning News.  Even though we had to cancel due to fires in the city, KTLA is coming back to feature BBCC on Wednesday, February 12.  Be sure to check us out and see their coverage of BBCC, and all the great talent and programs we have to offer.

The cherry that topped it all off was the 5-Star award Brasil Brasil Cultural Center received from Talk of the Town for the Fifth Consecutive year!  We are very committed to the arts and to our community and it’s very rewarding knowing that people appreciate what we do as much as we appreciate all the ongoing support we receive.

As far as our relocating, we have not yet found our “home” but our search continues and we will keep you posted with any news.  We are blessed to still have about 6 months before having to vacate.

Thank you all for being a part of Brasil Brasil Cultural Center’s growth!


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