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International Capoeira Championship

The International Capoeira Championship in Los Angeles is Saturday, Nov. 23 from 1-4pm at Brasil Brasil Cultural Center & Capoeira Batuque. This is the second time we are hosting it in LA. We have learned a lot from the previous competitions that were held and we keep working hard to make the championships better and better. The main thing is that the championship is now open to all levels until Contra-Mestres, and to kids. We have many different division which you can find on the www.icapf.com website and register. This is a great way to help fundraise for your school/teacher since they get a percentage of all registered and participating students.  More importantly, this is a great way to represent your teacher & school. This championship is open to all levels and all schools.  The last couple ones were so fun and we can’t wait to do it again and see what happens this time! The winner takes home $500, $100 of which is given to the winer’s teacher on their behalf.  We will make to sure to post pictures of the event and winners! Good luck to everyone!!!!

capoeira championship

California Open- International Capoeira Championship Nov 23

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