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about the kids portion of the championship

Tonight’s Kids class, Roda & Educational booths is open to ALL kids and is from 5-7pm. We strongly encourage all kids to participate in this as this is a great opportunity for them to learn more in the great art form. Parents, we want to reassure you that we are hoping all the kids walk away from this experience with the following skills & tools that go beyond a ‘competition’:
-encourage kids to challenge themselves in a healthy way with a focus on inner growth
-learn how to support one another
-understand the responsibilities of preparing and showing up for themselves above all.
-learn about their abilities & limitations
-set goals
-develop skills
-develop problem thinking skills
-learn to perform in front of peers
-learn to follow rules
We are hoping that this will be a fun experience where they will all walk away as winners. Though there will be 1st, 2nd & 3rd place winners, all the kids will walk away with medals. The emphasis is not on winning or losing, but on the overall experience. Though we will have a talk about all this with the kids, please support our intentions by talking to them prior to the Championship.

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