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Peaceful Warriors Engage Blog Will be LIVE SOON

Thank you to everyone who attended our Peaceful Warriors event on Friday! … And thank you for your generous donations, all proceeds will go to the Southern Poverty Law Center to aid in their efforts dismantling hate and teaching tolerance across this country.

We split into small groups and openly shared feelings, experiences, and responses regarding the following questions:

– How do we fight racism amidst an escalation of hate speech and violence?

– How do we demobilize hate?

– How do we create a safe space for our community?

– How do we educate our youth so they can be the change in the future?

Our intention was not to find concrete solutions, as that can seem like an impossible task…but rather to provide a safe space for our community to openly and honestly discuss these issues, receive support and connect with one another. After coming together, we know without a doubt that participation in conversations such as these, and the sharing of positive, collaborative energy is a definite step forward.

The conversation does not end here.

It is our responsibility as BBCC to continue to hold this space for our community. Stay tuned for more events in the coming months, both at BBCC and across LA.

We are beginning a Peaceful Warriors Blog – the site will be live soon – which we will post highlights from the night’s conversations, continue the discussion and use as a platform for community connections and ideas.

Lets keep rising together!

During the event, we heard several ideas from the community on how we can continue this work – if you have an idea for an event, an organization you think would be an interesting connection for us, or are interested in a collaboration, please follow up and email Clancey at clanceyc@brasilbrasil.org.


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