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82 kids graduated at Capoeira Batuque’s 2013 Youth Batizado

Congratulations to all 82 kids who went through the Youth Batizado this year, you all did a great job! This Year’s Youth Batizado was filled with great energy and was truly a very special event where the kids were recognized or all their hard work and the community came together to honor them. The Kids did amazing performances in Capoeira, Dance, Maculele, and Music.

-Thank you to all the parents for ALL the support and trust in us!
-Thank you to Stefano and M-Grill http://m-grill.com/  for DONATING a delicious Brazilian BBQ meal.
-Thank you to all the teachers who help teach our kids classes: Gisella Ferreira, Drew Love, Erica Blyther, Dana Maman, Anas Sahibi, Lorenzo Wright.
-Congratulations to all the teachers who have their own Capoeira Batuque branch outside the main studio and who’s students went through this youth batizado: CM Versatil, CM Xingu, Professora Minha Velha & Instructor Corpo Fechado.
-Thank you to Mestre Roque and Inst. Lerdo for coming to suppot and to all our Proffesors/Instructors/Monitors and students who were (and always are) present to support Capoeira Batuque: CM Versatil, CM Girafa, CM Xingu, Prof. Muito Tempo, Prof. Minha Velha, Prof. Ligerinho, Prof. Cantador, Prof. Eugene, Prof. Pesao, Prof. Buddinha, Prof. Tatu, Prof. Alegria,  Marcelo Vaz, Bobby Easton and Maurice Shaw.
-Thank you to Marcelo Vaz & Louise McCarthy for overlooking the belt making process.
-Thank you to members of Ballet Folclorico do Brasil for a beautiful performance:
Gisella Ferreira, Johanna Blunt, Rachel Hernandez,
Dana Maman, Phillipos Haile, Kahlil Cummings, Anas Sahibi & Sheldon.
-Thank to Ana Laidley & Rachel Hernandez for their Sambalele Youth dance program.
-A big thank you to these amazing people that help soooo much behind the scene: Our parents, Lia Flavia Santos, Mayora Hiney, Aleks Will, Andrea Lopasso & Reva Santo.
-As you see, it really takes a village to put together a Youth Batizado, so THANK YOU TO OUR AMAZING FRIENDS, FAMILY & COMMUNITY!
Filled with appreciation, Nayla & Mestre Amen Santo www.brasilbrasil.org

Youth Batizado - 82 graduates from Capoeira Batuque's 2013

Congratulations to all 82 kids who graduated at Capoeira Batuque’s 2013 Youth Batuzadi

Youth Batizado - Solo Performance at Ceremony

Amazing Solo from one of the students during the Youth performance at Capoeira Batuque’s 2013 Youth Batizado

Youth Batizado - Older kids perform Maculele choreography 2013

The older kids Maculele performance at Capoeira Batuque’s Youth Batizado 2013

Youth Batizado - Berimbau and Ladainha/Corrido Solo  performance

Youth student performs a berimbau and singing (ladainha/corrido) solo at Capoeira Batuque’s 2013 Youth Batizado


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