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Youth Capoeira Music Series

Youth Capoeira Batuque Music

Youth Capoeira Batuque Music

Youth Capoeira Music Series starts Friday, March 7th @4:30pm

Series dates: March 7 to May 16
Classes meet: Friday’s from 4:30-6pm
Cost: $225.00

Hello Parents of our Youth Capoeira Batuque students,
We are so glad to finally offer this wonderful music program to your kids. We have always had an adult’s music class, and now it’s the children’s turn!
This class is designed for Youth Capoeira students who have  Green/Yellow Twisted belts or higher in Capoeira (2nd belt or higher). There are exceptions to this if your child is already musically inclined and has a basic understanding of Capoeira Music. With this class, we hope the kids will gain a strong foundation of all the Capoeira instruments, rhythms, and music going into their 25th Annual Youth Batizado from May 23-25, 2014. This 3 month series will also prepare the children for a musical performance during their Batizado. Kids participating in this class are required to have a Berimbau. If your child is registered in this series, we will offer you a 50% discount on our Berimbau’s.  Also, we recommend children to have access to a drum so they practice the exercises.  We will provide the students with a song booklet.  We are very excited about this project as we feel the children in our youth program are really growing so much in Capoeira and ready for this next challenge.
Thank you as always for your ongoing support,
Nayla & Amen Santo

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