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Zumbi Festival – Nov 21-23 – workshops/rodas/TALENT SHOW/Summer of Gods &more

8th Annual Zumbi Festival

8th Annual Zumbi Festival

Full event schedule coming soon, until then:

1- Prepare yourself for an amazing TALENT SHOW. What will your act be?
2- Think about what you will share at the Gratitude & Celebration meal. 
3- Prepare your body for lot’s of workshops & roda’s.
4- Prepare questions for a very informative panel discussion.
6- Share this great events with your loved ones.
5- CLICK HERE TO Join our Event Page for UPDATES!

November 20 is celebrated in Brazil as a day of Afro-Brazilian consciousness. This day has a special meaning for those Brazilians of African descents who honor Zumbi as a hero, freedom fighter, and a symbol of freedom. Zumbi has become a hero of the 20th century Afro-Brazilian political movement and is a national hero in Brazil.

Each year, we honor Zumbi in a festival which includes Dance, Music, Capoeira & Maculele workshops. There will of course be Rodas (Capoeira & Samba), and interactive/educational booths.

We will also be screening a short film “Summer Of Gods” and have a panel discussion with the writer/director Eliciana Nascimento. Also on the panel will be Mestre Amen Santo, Awo Falokun Fasegun, Trifari White, Peter Lownds (Educator), Carla Stang (Author of ‘A Walk to the RIver in Amazonia) & Mestre Accordeon.

As if that’s not enough stimulation, we will also host a evening of Gratitude & Celebration as we come together to share a meal in the spirit of Thanksgiving. While we will people to bring yummy food to share, we will provide entertainment & open the floor for another one of our infamous TALENT SHOW!!! This will be an evening of celebration, laughter, sharing, entertainment and good old fashion FUN!

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