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Brazil Youth Program


Dear community,
Mestre Amen Santo here. I am excited to announce that last year we finally realized a long time dream of mine which was to serve the youth in Salvador through my life’s passion of Capoeira. While I understand that things happen in their own time, this felt like it was long overdue and I cannot begin to express the joy within me knowing that we are finally running a healthy Capoeira Batuque Youth Program in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil that is serving a community with serious needs. We are currently focussing our work in the neighborhood of Boca do Rio, in a favela located in one of most dangerous areas of Salvador where young people are constantly susceptible to being recruited by gangs and drug dealers. This Capoeira project named BATUKIDDOS is currently serving 70 underprivileged kids with a huge potential and demand for more.

This is also happening in a time when Brasil is going through a lot of turmoil politically, economically, and racially causing severe budget cuts for education and the arts. We are committed to creating a positive and enriching experience through this program so all participants have a chance to stay in school and stay out of trouble. I know personally that capoeira can be a powerful tool in steering the youth in the right direction as I was once one of those kids. Capoeira promotes healthy living, focus, respect, discipline, responsibility and accountability.

Our ultimate goal is to create a community center for this fast growing and much needed program, where we can provide various services (after school programs, dance/music/capoeira classes, arts & crafts, nutrition classes, computer classes, theater & more) keeping the youth engaged and off the streets. We are currently conducting our classes in a Candomble temple, however, it is an open space without a roof and when it rains we need to cancel all activities. In addition, the program is growing so fast that the space is no longer able to accommodate everyone.

Due to a much more rapid growth than we anticipated, we are in need of help to sustain it and keep it alive. Of course, there is NO REVENUE coming in for this program as it is 100% FREE for the youth and community. We are in need of your help.
Here is what your donations will go towards:
-a new location
-construction expenses
-paying the teachers/staff
-utilities (electricity, water, internet)
-operating supplies
-capoeira uniforms
-sound system
-cleaning supplies
-instruments (berimbaus, drums, pandeiros, agogos, reco reco)
-computers for leadership and for kids to learn how to use them

GOAL for 2019: US$22,500
That’s only $300 person!
If 75 people donate $300 by February of 2019, we will reach our goal of starting plans and construction by March of 2019 so the new place can be up and running by the time we travel to Brazil with a group from LA in the summer of 2019. We will be honoring these kids through a Batizado where they will be recognized for their hard work and receive a capoeira belt. I am planning to travel to Brazil in January to begin scouting locations, train teachers/staff and start buying materials.

Please help us reach our goals. All donations are tax deductible and sponsors will receive a letter reflecting their generous donations along with our tax ID number. We will also send progress updates and letters form the kids! We really hope to reach our goals and give this gift to this community. Please share with anyone who you think may be interested.

In Gratitude, Mestre Amen Santo