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Peaceful Warriors

In the fall of 2016, our annual Zumbi event culminated with a discussion led by an incredible team of educators, artists, scholars, leaders, social justice activists, and civil servants. We aimed to provide a safe space for community healing, create conversation, provide tools for peaceful resolutions, and empower our community. We discussed the history of Capoeira and Zumbi, the Black Lives Matter Movement, the importance of mindfulness for in the police force and activism, and the importance to tolerance and arts education.

We continue to carry the energy and movement that was created during this event with us in every program we provide, and we held our second Peaceful Warriors Community Conversation on 8/25/17. This time, we held an Afro-Brazilian Dance workshop led by Mestre Amen Santo after our discussion, with the intention of releasing energies built up during the evening and to engage in collective healing through movement. We look forward to many more Peaceful Warriors events, and are committed to providing this space not only for our community but sharing what we create together across LA and globally through performances, community projects, and workshops.

We have created a Peaceful Warriors ~ Brasil Brasil Cultural Center Facebook group. Please utilize the group as a platform to continue our community conversations at any moment ~ below are our current guiding questions.  Through the group you will also be notified of any upcoming events related to our Peaceful Warriors Initiative.


  • How do we fight racism amidst an escalation of hate speech and violence?
  • How do we demobilize hate?
  • How do we create a safe space for our community?
  • How do we educate our youth so they can be the change in the future?

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  1. clanceyc@brasilbrasil.org

    Thank you to everyone who attended our Peaceful Warriors event last Friday! … And thank you for your donations, all proceeds will go to the Southern Poverty Law Center to aid in their efforts dismantling hate and teaching tolerance across this country.

    The link below is a useful resource from the Southern Poverty Law Center

    Ten Ways to Fight Hate

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