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Brasil Brasil Cultural Center & Capoeira Batuque

A great neighborhood studio offering a variety of group classes. I’ve tried samba classes with Ana and Gisella. Both are wonderful teachers who bring their own style and approach to samba. I’ve also taken Gisella’s Zumba class, which is also a fun way to work up a sweat. Check out their website for all of their class offerings and support this fantastic community studio.

I walked into BBCC for the first time over two years ago in search of an authentic samba class. I first started with Ana’s energetic, fun, and meditative samba class on Tuesday and Fridays. The earliest thing I remember learning is you can samba without shoes!?! Still barefoot-and before I knew it, I joined Mestre Amen’s Capoeira Batuque (Thank you, Flavia!).


After a couple of months, my schedule shifted and it was difficult to continue the commute to dance and train at BBCC.  I continued training at Valley Capoeira Batuque, closer to my home. It wasn’t until Batizado 2013, when time opened up on my end and I was able to take every single dance class/workshop during the grand event including Rachel’s Afro Brazilian dance-so full of life !

Energized and inspired from Batizado, I realized I could no longer resist the energy of this positive environment.  So…I came back to dance classes and this time around tried samba with Gisella. All her classes, including Zumba & Funky Brasil are fun and no doubt will lift your spirit!

Highly recommend trying all the dance, music and drum classes. They also host unique, inspiring, and cultural workshops incorporating song and dance. Great for kids too!

There’s no place like home here and the teachers are quite contagious with the influence of their vibrant souls.  Energy, life, and love shared within this artistic community is a very beautiful experience as everyone around is extremely talented. Many thanks to Mestre Amen, Nayla, and Flavia for enduring such a warm home away from home.

And when life outside takes you away for a minute, you’ll always find your way back to BBCC to dance, dance, dance! ;0)

I have been coming to Brasil Brasil for the last two and a half years. I was looking for a dance studio to get back some of my creative life after having my kid, and I found a vibrant community that is incredibly generous and welcoming.

I take samba, baile funk, and the occasional Zumba class with Gisella, who brings amazing light, fun, and positivity to her dance classes. She is incredibly dedicated to supporting health and well-being among all of her dance students, and to creating beautiful and accessible choreography. I’ve been blessed to perform with Gisella and to benefit from her positive and boundless energy.

I have also been a regular student of Ana’s; I have taken her Tuesday night samba classes every free Tuesday I have for the last couple of years, and now attend her Sunday afternoon classes with live music. Ana’s strength and wisdom as a teacher are infinite. She knows exactly when to push, when to inspire with her own soulful movement, and when to set her dance students free to find their own style and rhythm. I am indebted to Ana for my growth as a dancer and a creative person in general, and am extremely grateful for the opportunities she has given me and my fellow students to perform, parade, and participate in special workshops.

As long as I live in LA, I will be coming to BBCC to dance and participate in the amazing community. And even if I leave someday, I will continue to come back to this second home in the big city.


BBCC is absolutely amazing!

Being from the east coast and not having any family or friends in LA – I found a beautiful and creative community here. I started going because I bought a groupon on a whim and then I got hooked. I know it sounds cliche, but I have honestly never joined anything from a groupon since Brazil Brazil came along.

Where to start – DANCE! I have never danced in a class before, but Gisela’s smiling face and positive energy will get any shyness out of your body. She teaches zumba, samba and hip hop. All of the classes are fun and great workouts!

After taking Gisela’s classes for a 6 months I started taking Ana’s Samba class – and all I can say is WOWWWWWWW! Ana’s body and spirit drip with Brazilian musicality. I have never seen anyone move the way she does. The moves and music are literally in every ounce in her being. I have been taking her classes for about 2 years now and I am still learning so much. She has themed samba classes every Tuesday and on Sundays there is this amazing samba band that drive all the way from San Diego! She just announced that after class every Sunday they will be continuing the party at her house where everyone is invited … talk about community! Believe me when I tell you that these guys are the real deal – from Brazil with Bossa Nova guitar, trombone and big drums singing the classic Brazilian songs we all subconsciously know.

Finally, I have found myself traveling with my fellow dance mates to Santa Barbara, Long Beach and there are even trips to Brazil. I have made really wonderful friends from this group – many creative musicians, dancers, martial artists and people from all walks of life. I love this place and I will continue to grow and hang out with these people for a long time. Check it out! :)

Samba is my religion and Brasil Brasil is my church, it’s as simple as that. Both Ana and Gisella have amazing classes that are so different from one another but so useful, insightful and inspiring.

You’ll want to take both of their classes to get a well-rounded taste of what samba can be all about.

Plus on Sunday, Ana has live musicians come in for a 2 hour samba dance party, which is great for just letting go and practicing your moves.

The energy of this place is amazing, I never exercise. But i went to check their kickboxing class and I couldn’t stop going. Moses is a great teacher and I’m doing very good. I can see results and I being there only 4 months. thank you

I absolutely love this place. The enciornment is so welcoming . The classes are wonderful and teachers have so much knowledge! Capoeira with mestre Amen is always a joy . He us practice the mives over and over and dont let class size intimidate you , every instructor takes the time to break things down if we dont understand something. When he sees something youre challenge d in he helps you overcome fears “youre letting fear stop you ” — I didnt know I could do a back flip!!

This place is the best! Great people, great classes and programming, great facility, and the list goes on and on. Capoeira, samba dance and drumming, Zumba, kick boxing, tai chi, Afro Brasilian dance, and the list goes on and on. Highly recommended!

Gisella is AMAZING. Her zumba classes are fun, upbeat and always different. You can feel her love and passion for dancing in her attitude and dance. Thank you for introducing us to a fun and sexy way to workout!

Ana and Rachel helped me wake up muscles that I apparently hadn’t used in a while because – wow – the booty is hurrrting right now OUCH!

The good hurt. Means it’s working. So happy. Legs so sore. Spirit lifted.

Samba queen Ana will get you shaking and feeling so great, you’ll feel like jumping into one of those sparklely bikinis with the feathers and pretty stuff on your head like “Rio! Here I come!” Soon as the booty stops hurting!

Seriously, yes, go. Welcoming, positive family atmosphere for all levels. Mommies and daddies, the kids’ programs look fun too. Nice, authentically talented teachers.

BBCC is an absolute neighborhood gem. It’s easy to miss as it sits on the rounded curve of Washington, but a cinch to find once you know where it is and there’s never a problem with parking. Sign in is easy – you put your information on a clipboard at the front desk and the sweet receptionist takes care of it. There are cubbies in the back of the room for your things, 2 restrooms around the corner, and a sink with filtered water to refill your bottle. The room where the classes mainly take place is large and spacious with a mirror covering the entirety of one wall. I personally like being in the front so I can see myself move, but you can choose any spot you please depending on your comfort level.

I mainly attend Gisella’s Zumba classes and I ADORE it. People of all ages, men and women, shake it out in her class and have a fabulous time. It’s about having fun without any judgment. After a long day at work, dancing is a great outlet for me to rid my body of its stress and BBCC is the perfect venue to do that.

I got an 8-class pass and was only able to take 2 of my classes (due to the holidays and expiration date): Zumba & Interval Fitness.

Zumba – It was a pretty large class, and the regulars seemed to have their spots, so I was relegated to the back, where I couldn’t see a lot of what the teacher was doing. I caught on quickly, and it was fun, but not the best Zumba class I’ve taken.

Interval Fitness – There were only three of us in this class, so we got a lot more exercises in than they typically do. The class consists of short intervals of strength and cardio work. The cardio was running laps around the room (various ways) and dancing. I took this class after Zumba, so I was already worn out by the time IF started. It was a good class though, and the teacher was great, with a lot of energy. She also helped me out with some adjustments.

– Clean facility, with several rooms for different classes
– Nice, helpful staff at the front desk
– Cubbies for your things
– Parking lot in the back, but it’s tandem
– Not a lot of space to sit while waiting for a class to start

I wish I had gotten to try the kickboxing class, which I was really looking forward to…

Still getting my Samba on and gaining the experience. So for those considering the classes just an FYI… Tuesdays with Ana are more intermediate than Fridays, which are more geared at beginners. Saturdays with Gisella are more a mix of all levels and a bit more infused with modern dance. Though both instructors are great- I believe I prefer Ana’s classes due to the old-skool-ness of it on top of step breakdown and incorporation of the steps in slow, mid and high tempo songs… I love the roots and structure of how she teaches the class. Either way, I still say- JOIN and have fun because regardless- you will have just that, in a nonjudgemental arena. :o)

Wanted to update my review to include the Hip Hop class taught by Gisella on Thursdays @5:30pm…. SO FUN! I love to dance to hip hop, and learning a dance routine is definitely a challenge on the mind and the body!… It’s a great class, she teaches you different hip hop steps and then incorporates them into a routine.
Currently we’re dancing to Vivrant Thang which happens to be my ringtone hehehe, it was meant to be!

This is my new favorite spot in LA. It transports you to the streets of Rio, beautiful and serene, with the sites, sounds, moves, and people. EVERYONE here is 100% carioca da gema (legit from rio), or at least brazil. if you have ever been curious about learning capoeira, samba, brazilian portuguese, drums, yoga, or ANYTHING remotely related to the amazing place that is brazil get your butt over here, NOW!!!

my girl bestie and i got a groupon for 10 classes, and we tried everything from yoga, to intro to capoeira (sh*ts HARD! mad respect), samba, brazilian funk dancing, and of course zumba. no joke, no exaggeration, every single class we took was AMAZING! they make it so easy to book — you don’t even need to reserve a spot, just show up 5 minutes before hand. most classes are 1.5 hrs long, some are 1 hr. All instructors KNOW their craft, and no matter what you pick (well, except portuguese lessons i guess, you WILL get a great work out). Gisella who teaches Zumba is just the cutest thing ever! So much energy and happiness in a small crazy package! Only she could get that many couch potatoes moving and grooving without a second thought day after day. Everyone is very welcoming and eager to have beginners. There is never any judgment, only open arms welcoming friendliness.

nestled on washington right near Brazil Cafe, and that little area of culver city that houses the brazilian mall. and they really do just ooze brazilian awesomeness. they host club nights of samba performances where the teachers dance themselves, travel up to SF for the big samba parade. and everything inbetween!

I cannot wait to start taking classes here again full price — yes, it’s that amazing that i am EAGER to pay full price just to start up classes again!! i mean it, try it out (any class) and you will be hooked! Plus, free parking behind the studio (private lot), meters are free after 6pm on the street in front, they have very clean bathrooms to change in, and cubbies for your stuff. it’s just the best little studio of brazilian awesomeness and happiness ever.

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